The Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

An effective branding strategy tells your client what they can expect from your product. It will also set you apart from your competitors. The foundation of the branding process is your logo. At King Creative Design we work tirelessly on your logo design to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the end result. Click here for Los Angeles logo design rates.

When designing your logo, we will follow the steps outlined below to make sure we get the best possible product.

LOGO DESIGN BRIEF: We begin with a phone conversation to get an overview of your company. We discuss goals, competitors and preferences; then we may ask you to fill out our online logo design questionnaire to cover some more detailed information.

INDUSTRY RESEARCH: We conduct focused research on your industry and request 3-5 example logos that you like and/or dislike to use as a reference point.

ADDITIONAL REFERENCE: We do additional research into color and font trends that may be related to your design brief and your specific industry.

CONCEPTUALIZING: Based on our research, we begin with rough comps and/or sketches of our concepts.

REFLECTION: We give it some time to marinate. It’s important to reflect on the first drafts for a little while. Sometimes it takes time for ideas to be fully realized.

REFINING COMPS: We revisit the comps for another pass before we submit them to you.

PRESENTATION We present our ‘select’ 4-8 logos (depending on our agreement) to you for review.

REVISIONS: When you select your favorite logo (or combination of two), we move forward with it, revising and refining it until you are completely satisfied.

APPLY NEW LOGO TO IDENTITY PIECES: Now that you have a logo, if you require a website, business cards, letterhead or other collateral, we will start the design process.


After a design brief with our logo designer, you can anticipate 5-7 working days for us to present the initial comps to you. We turn around the subsequent revisions quickly (24-48 + hours depending on complexity), so the revision process will depend on your participation. We will do everything we can to meet your time restrictions.