Let’s get real about social media

So it isn’t surprising news that the Google overlords will be looking at social media signals. What a lot of people took away from that is that Google has been looking at social media for quite some time and all those links really do mean something in terms of SEO. So as an SMB you may have a static Facebook page and a Twitter with one tweet that is two years old. It’s now time to rethink how you use your social media.

Retweet That Link Up

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. You need to start focusing on when the best time to send out a tweet with a relevant link is for your demographic. I’m following the understanding that you’ve already created a decent amount of relevant followers. Now you need to know when they are most active on Twitter. This may take some time to figure out but then make sure your content is Tweeted out during those times. Asking for a retweet usually nets more retweets than not asking for one as well. Also concise wording allowing for ease of retweeting is another factor you have to think about.

Don’t Write Fluff

You can probably name some big name in your field. I’ll bet you they have created some great content. It is one thing to hash out some fluff, but an entirely different proposition to take the time and research to make excellent informative pieces. Additionally, if the person is able to keep a solid rhythm of up-to-date content you’ll be a step ahead. If you’ve already got that part down the next step is really integrating the same kind of content from your blog onto social media sites. Take the time to respond to followers on Twitter, release informative links and content on Facebook, take the time to post and answer questions on Quora. These should be natural extensions of your site and should reflect the same kind of standard you have on your site.

Flesh Out Your Profiles

The more you actively create a fleshed out profile the more human you’ll seem out on Social Media networks. That personalization is the thing that separates you from all the other individuals out there. You, usually, have very little space to tell people about yourself, or your company, so pick your wording carefully. I also see a decent number of people that forget to put links in their profiles. Before hand I mentioned that these Social Networks are an extension of you and your site, why wouldn’t you want that SM traffic the ability to go to your site where you have more freedom and space to truly tell people about yourself and your services? Lastly, I recommend sticking with the same photo across all SM platforms. As your reputation rises in your field that photo will become synonymous with who you are and what you represent.

Don’t Worry What The Cool Kids Think (Reputation across SM outlets)

Not too long ago people would judge certain people across SM outlets by the number of followers, or likes, a person had. Trust me it might be great to have 100,000 people following you, but if the majority of those people are spam bots or irrelevant to your business that number is pretty worthless. Focusing on providing great insight, being conversational with individuals that are leaders in your industry, and following/interacting with a core group of people is the key to success. Instead of worrying about your Klout score when starting out, worry about putting hard work into providing information to your demographic and distributing properly. The more work you put into that aspect the easier it will be to generate a great reputation on SM networks.

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